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More details into the Apple Hack

Now that Tim Cook is back into the good graces of the Democratic Party and HE’S WITH HILLARY, I wanted to see Obama’s opinion on the encryption issue that surely put Apple as a target for any and every up to date virus out there.  They survived the traitorous accusations thrown their way, which in my opinion, were not without merit.  Now their software’s antibodies must be like that of no other

Or, if you subscribe to the believe that “what doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger,” (Heath Ledger as The Joker, The Dark Knight), the backdoor that Cook didn’t want opened may have been what I can only imagine as an uncomfortable intro into the opening of door number 2.  Being the CEO of a multinational company and being gay would be a lot more difficult without a man like Obama at the helm, so I cannot imagine doing something so agitating to the man — especially when he has a legacy like a true visionary like Jobs to compete with.

Any way you look at it, the U.S. came across looking so cool for their decryption, and showed the world that even if Russia wants to go back to having Thermonuclear Weapons on hair trigger, America’s ingenuity in the form of Cyber Security will protect the work of Kennedy’s genius so that one day we won’t fear WWIII.  Until then, I have to take the good with the bad.  It was bad the DNC was hacked by Russia… or was it Trump (or is there a difference).  Maybe it was the emails being released that were on the wrong server.  Anyway, it was actually good in a way that throughout ALL the emails released, the “n” word wasn’t used ONE time.

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Bachelor Party at Chico Feo’s: An Anthropological Study

They used have cool chimps for sale in the back of magazines (back when people read magazines). The print media hasn’t been outsourced, but I’m sure the Wall Street Journal finds humor advertising their own brand’s stock value on paper to investors. Pricks.
Anyway, I’m sure you remember the trend of people getting chimps and splitting their cigarette pack with them but demonstrating excellent parenting skills otherwise. I guess it’s not a chore if you get to tell cashier the diapers are for your monkey when you’re a kid. I suppose we accumulated as many as we have in N. America through the Trans Atlantic Alliance which I imagine was set up with NATO after WW2… can’t remember 🙂 As crazy as it seems Harambe’s species was almost extinct but the Cincinnati Zoo boosted the pop. and I think they’re going to make it. Survival of species is the strongest emotion we exert, so there was a silver lining to the story for prying eyes like mine. a thin silver line, but there nonetheless. Oh… p.s. Did the “dudes” in the cartload have a designated driver, or an Uber or something?

You Do Hoodoo

chico bachelor party

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity as an anthropologist to observe a late afternoon bachelor’s party at Folly Beach’s little corner of the Caribbean, Chico Feo.

By the way, bachelor parties for centuries have been traditional components of mating and marriage rituals in the West. Whether you’re bidding “farewell to bachelorhood” in Munich at a Junggesellenabschied or in Arles marking the “burial of the life of a boy” at an enterrement de vie de jeune fill, you can be assured of one commonality: the Junges and garçons are gonna get shit-faced just like the lads in Liverpool and the dudes of Malibu.

Berlin Junggesellenabschied Berlin Junggesellenabschied

Indeed, even though it was merely four in the afternoon at Chico Feo, a few of the entourage exhibited telltale signs of intoxication — sleepy, glazed eyes; mouths that hung open; wobbly legs. The first reveler in this condition I encountered kept bumping into the vacant bar stool…

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