Hubris has consumed Donald Trump, devoured him from the tips of his toes to the top of that bleached, brittle confection he considers hair. It’s blatantly obvious that even if Trump’s minions and Putin’s lackeys didn’t directly collude in election manipulation, Trump’s close association with Paul Manafort and the host of mobsters, oligarchs, and convicted […]

via Trump Agonistes: (Or Let’s Gouge His Eyes Out for His Own Good) — You Do Hoodoo?

If you held a mirror up to the culture in America right and had George W. Bush paint for you, it probably would look like this:

Has the American Dream faded away like a once cherished Kodak snapshot? Is truth, justice and the American Way a disappearing part of our national lexicon? Is American Exceptionalism riddled with a lot of exception? As these once cherished beliefs vaporize before our eyes, 7 art activists committed to influencing, changing and exposing issues that […]

via Art Show-“Embedded Messages, Debating the Dream: Truth, Justice and the American Way”, — Envisioning The American Dream