2018 Recap: Ch-ch-ch-anges

In a world where idiots have megaphones, it’s nice to smart men still can have a blog. If something happens this year and Trump’s gallup flies high, signifying the New (Authoritarian) World Order, I’m sure this site will be deleted for obvious reasons. The unbridled and unapologetic posts of our president are everything our press wishes they could say, but can’t. Partly due to pure intellectual prowess and just sheer talent, and partly bc the censors. Then still, part is just the ability to truly disrespect the office, which I cannot yet do, but will be completely capable of the by the end of this presidency.  It’s been a treasure trove for me, Wesley, and never fails to exhilarate with each new issue.  When I first discover another addition has been posted, it feels just like receiving a paper I know I aced.  Merry Christmas my friend!  To 2019!

You Do Hoodoo

Click fiend that I am, I’ve decided to once again do a round-up, a sort of greatest hits [insert ironic cough] of the pieces I posted this year, significantly fewer than in years of yore (67 to be exact, as opposed to 141 in 2016 and 142 last year).

So hold onto your hats or toupees or do rags; here we go.


Miles Davis at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, 1986

For whatever reason, in January I wrote mostly about music, an appreciation of a Miles Davis/John Coltrane videoof “So What?” and a profile of two contemporary artists I admire, John Hiattand Lucinda Williams. My favorite, however, is this meditationon the distinction between verse and poetry.


I only published three posts in our shortest month, the best two, I think, a short memoir celebrating lethargy  and a paean to Ireland that I composed after…

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