The Uneasy Life of a Middle East Skeleton — Discover

“So for those who knew, it must have been very strange that we have dead bones in our closet.” The Caspers are an American expat family in Cairo, Egypt. Jayson Casper tells the story of Max, the skeleton they’ve lived with, and explores a different view of death in Middle East culture.

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True Detective Revisited: The Fall of American Culture

I concur. It’s still my favorite activity. “It’s the golden age of television” — Joe Scarborough. Or maybe, “We are in the golden age of television.”

You Do Hoodoo?

Let’s talk about Pulp fiction — not the movie — but its namesake, those lurid narratives printed on cheap paper that, to cop the cliché of their heyday, explored the “seamy underside” of American culture, publications like True Detective, which enjoyed a 71-year existence from 1924-1995.


The HBO television series of the same name follows the magazine’s tradition of exposing lurid depravity, though it does so on a much higher artistic plane with shades of David Lynch and Flannery O’Connor, and the depravity depicted in the television series is like to 10th power of the seemingly quaint pistol whippings and murders of the magazine’s beginnings. Furthermore, the series seems to me to be an indictment of American culture, its spiritual poverty embodied in the corrupt Christianity of Southern Protestantism and in the rapacious capitalism of multinational corporations.

The director, Cary Joji Fukunaga, constantly underscores these two themes with the visual…

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**** Monica Sisavat Barack Obama is currently vacationing in Italy, and on Saturday, the former president stopped by the Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco to play a round of golf. Barack certainly looked the part in his white collared shirt, matching pants, and cap and appeared to be in a good mood More here **** **** […]

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Correspondence Dinner

I thought I could see something humorous on Samantha Bee, but the cup may never have been filled in the first place,  tonight.  Too much Crown Royal and Bahama Mamas, maybe; too many Executive Orders, probably; too many “deplorable” mental whiplashes of a campaign contaminated w/ Communist Data Packets beamed back and forth over Europe, PROBABLY :)… DEFINITELY!  Q. What is life, philosophically speaking?  A. Whatever people that make American Flags made in China argue about what is left and right in the other wrong hemisphere.